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Scottish Consulate Amateur Radio Club

Call: MS0SCZ

The club was founded to solve every issue with Amateur Radio.

We intend to act as Scotland's governing body of amateur radio when the requirement arises.


The scheduled net has not been going very well. Should we move it to 2 meters? What do people need to be able to get in better?

Scheduled Net

We meet Monday at 8pm Scotland time for an hour to talk shit or try to be less bad at radio. We are on 433.550MHz FM and spread out across Aberdeen. We will try to add a simplex gateway/linked repeater for those not in Aberdeen in the near future.

irl MM0ROR currently acts as net control for this net from his location in Northfield. He listens to the channel from roughly 7:50pm Scotland time to ensure it is clear, and uses this script starting 8pm:


This is the Scottish Consulate weekly net.

I am MM0ROR, I will be your Net Control Operator today; my name is Iain, and I
am in Northfield, Aberdeen.

This net meets every Monday at 20:00 local time on 433.550 MHz.

This is a directed net.  That means that if you have something to say,
give your call, and wait for the net control to acknowledge you and give you
the floor.  Our net is open to all radio amateurs.

We like to have a question of the week to kickstart our discussions.
This week's question is: [question]

I will take a round of checkins.  I will then go down the list
and everyone will have a chance to greet and make a comment or ask a
question. Once everyone has spoken, we will go around the list again
to exchange signal reports, respond to questions and comments, and
pose new questions and comments.

Please take a note of signal reports for the stations you hear and
provide these when you are called.

If you would like to check in, please come with your callsign, name and

[call for checkins]

This is MM0ROR. OK, let's go back now and hear from everybody.

[call roll and take comments]

This is MM0ROR. Do we have any new checkins?

[call for checkins]

This is MM0ROR. OK, let's hear from the new checkins.

[repeat as necessary, until no more...]

OK, we have now all had a chance to speak, we're going to go around one more
time to give signal reports for those heard.

This concludes this week's Scottish Consulate net at 20:00 hours
local time. If you would like to continue the conversation, please join our
afternet in the Scottish Consulate Internet Relay Chat channel,
#scottishconsulate on Freenode.

This is net control station MM0ROR, out.

Net Awards

Let's keep a list of who turns up to the net, and how often, and give out annual certificates/awards for good attendance. It's nice to be nice to each other.


Discussions are usually had on scottish consulate irc & mailing list.

We have a signal group for coordination, ask in IRC to be added.


Become and RSGB affiliated club, get a callsign.

Field day to do HF to remote scotcon stations internationally (RSSI)

Hibby likes how this works:

Role Call

If you can’t edit this after joining the wiki, pester Hibby or tj to get edit rights.

Name Call QTH
irl (Club Official 1) MM0ROR ABZ
Allie (Club Official 2) MM0AAL
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