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DC power distribution

Allie wants to over-engineer the consulate's DC power infrastructure. This may or may not be that.

Some Ideas

Camping, radio and hacking stuff mostly runs off 12V. There was talk about 48V to minimise voltage drop over longer wiring runs, but this is faff. We can faff later if we need it.

The RuiDeng/RDTech programmable buck/buck-boost converters are quite interesting. They're programmable and have nice little displays on them and some of them speak modbus!


Rob's lighting stuff has standardised on 5.5/2.1mm barrel plugs at some voltage. This is good and should continue to be supported.

Might be worth going to different sizes for 5V/12V/other to save plugging things into the wrong voltage - 2.1 for 12v, 2.5 for 5v maybe?

RGB strips are 4 (5 for the RGBW ones) pin round .1“ connectors - could do with something better if they're going to be used again. Possibly RJ45 and then distro cables can be normal network cables.

Allie likes the idea of waterproof boxes which distribute power for some LEDs and also potentially form part of a scotcon music distribution system - perhaps they should integrate control for the arrgeebees. ArtNET? sACN?

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